Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Well, the Oilers lost tonight against the Wild, 4-1. Uggh. Calgary won which means the Oilers are still in first place in our Div. We got another chance against the Wild on Wednesday. Hopefully w can maintain the position we enjoy.

I had some intersting memories from this time back in 1979 when I was living at the Meyers place. Christmas and Boxing day was on a Tues and a Wen, which gave us a nice mid week break. I recall how we got our paychecks on the Tues. Normally we'd have got them on a Wed. But I had some pleasent experiences with my girlfriend Ellen at the time. This was before Richard came in on the scene. He would arrive about 3 months later. So from Oct 1978 when I had first met her, until March 1980, I had her all to myself. So for 17 months. But durring that time it was special. I recall how we broke up breiefly in 1979 but we got back together. The winter of 1979/80 was special as I would walk all the way from my place 95thAve-to where she lived with her and just her mother to watch Battlestar Galactica. I'd stay for as long as I could and walk back home in fridged cold weather. What a night and what times. More on this later.


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