Saturday, December 17, 2005

A very exciting Oiler at Vancouver hockey game. The Canucks took the lead for most of the game. The Oilers tied it 4-4 late in the 3rd period and scored in OT. Very exciting.

Some great stats today. My best Blog day ever. 87 page loads, 52 unique visitors, and 11 returning visitors. Three longer then an hour stayed and read my Blog and 1 for at least an hour. Very happy.

Coast should be interesting tonight. Ancient manuscripts and Prophecy. Even though, I didn't get out to go do any shopping today (I hate shopping) I had fun here and I even managed to read some more Underworld. Tomorrow I'll be doing the type ins for CH and shipping the story out.

Other then that, I'll be heading to bed about 1pm share a beer with my wife and listen to Coast and pass out. I'm up at about 5am anyway to take my insulin and feed the cats.

That's about it for now.


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