Thursday, December 08, 2005

Uggh. I managed some sleep and I don't feel to bad right now but I have less then an hour to do anything substantial on line.

Weather wise, what a change from just a few days ago.

I was trying to print off Chapter 1 from Underworld but my printer wouldn't let me print portions of the document so it remained in the printer. 698 pages worth. Something like that would take me an hour to print off and I don't have the paper anyway. I forgot to take the paper out of the printer tray as it was in mid print and one of the pages got stuck inside the printer. I had to pull it out manually. Kind of like stripping a coat zipper when it gets stuck in the fabric and now the printer will only let me print garbage, smearing the ink and now I'm getting only blank pages.

I think I'm going to get a new printer whenever we get "Ralph's" resouce check money anyway. That's $400 next month. So, I still have a single print copy of Underworld and I can work with that until we get "Ralph's money."


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