Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This morning shortly after the last entry I began working on my website a bit more. It's still a work in progress of course. Anyway, I noticed at first aound 10 guests online, as I was jumping around the Drupal help file that "People on line" block began to climb. Before I shut everything off to feed the cats and take my insulin, I had 28 guests on at any one time. I need a visitors online counter for that project, if ever I need one, it's now. That site is getting a surprising amount of traffic and there's nothing there! I had to do some emergency damage control and put a note under my Top 10 movies to see this Blog for anything current. When I come back from work tonight I'll tinker with it a bit more.

Holy's Blog Pocket Full of Words has been absent for a few days, which is strange because she usually contributes to it daily.

I'm vey happy I watched last nights Oiler game. We're tied for 2nd place with Calgary, and 2 points behind Vancouver for first. The Oilers are playing in Vancouver on Wednesday and Home at Rexall place to meet the LA Kings. With Calgary it's just the opposite. They have the Kings on Wed at home and plsy Vancouver Friday.Right now the Oilers are on a bit of a role and if they can win both of these next games and Calgary loses, (I know wishful thinking) The Oliers could find themselves in posetion of first place. There are only 12 teams in the league that are in the 40 point range. If all works out our way and we can win those next 2 games, the Oilers could even find themselves flirting with Detroit for first in the Western conference. Scary. Edmonton
in the finale? Well, it's possible. Especially under the new rules now that the NHL opened up the game a little more.

Anyway, I'm having my first coffee and in an hour I'll be in the shower getting dressed and ready for lunch take my insulin and go into work with Anne.

I'll be glad when we move into the new building because I wont need to take that connecting bus to Carona station. I just walk through the parking lot behind the office tower (can't remember the name of the building) and onto the sidewalk and into the lrt station or even just walk down the block to the station from there. It's closer then it is from Jasper and 115thst to Jasper and 106th st. As coincidence would have it, our office is across the street from the old Hobbit's fantasy shop location. Good ol carmine Nadu and Bruce Thompson. I haven't seen them in years. Since at least the mid 80's.

Hobbits Fantasy Shop (HFS) was a great place to hang out. They had a great selection of anything related to sf and fantasy. Originally it was supposed to be a comic book shop but they expanded before I got into the city. This was back in 1978. Then they opened up "Little Wars", which was a small shop a door down catering to wargames and supplies. Later on Hobbits began to get into the VCR craze and sold those as well. My first VCR that I ever saw was at Hobbit's. It was in the fall of 1980 when we got the word that hobbit's had to move because of the Office building was going up and the Hobbit's building was being sacrificed for a parking lot. But that wasn't the end of Hobbit's Fantasy shop. The Edmonton City downtown core landscape was changing. Hobbit's had another location in mind anyway and they ended up moving to the lower level of the Boardwalk over there on 104th and 102nd st. Near the Grand Hotel where the story "Cross Hairs" takes place. Anyway, when I was working at Cobogo warehouse Army and Navy Dept store 1982, Hobbit's was thriving. I recall calling from HFS looking at the house keeping room in the Sun paper and making the call to Trudy and going over there. I had some hassle getting the place because I wanted out of King Edward Park on the South Side and back over to the West end. Hobbit's Fantasy Shop played a large part of my life in the early 80's. in 1984 Hobbit's was on the move again and they moved into a smaller store in the Manulife building and that didn't last very long. I recall buying my first Advanced Squad Leader game Rule book from there in 1985. By that time I was in my first real apartment on 156th st and 97th Ave in the west end just blocks away from Trudy's place. By 1986 Hobbit's was gone. But to take it's place a few blocks away from me was Adventure gaming supplies, but that's another story.

I'll do the spell check later.

e. Jim

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