Tuesday, December 13, 2005

that was a lousy sleep. I listened to Coast until 2:30am and that’s when Anne came in and I just laid there not able to sleep at all. When it was 3:45am I figured O’m just wasying my time here and having a bit of a cold going through my system wasn’t helping, I got up and worked on the computer for awhile.
When 5:30ish rolled around I figured it was time to turn off the computer and feed the cats, take my insulin and go to bed and try and get some sleep.

I don’t feel to bad except for this cold and my voice sounds awfull. Hopefully I can make it for the full shift. I got the runny nose and eyes in the bargain.Having a cold is no fun when you’re a call center agent. This cold won’t keep me away from work tonight. I still plan on going in and I hope I can put in a few afternoons as well.

Anyway, it’s overcast out there about +1* as a high temp today but it has that April look to it weather wise. Globasl was on location at a well lsite in the Atkins industrial park just West of
the City showing footage from a distance of a gas well leek, looking at the flames from a roadside from across a field and that field had no snow on the ground at all and this was in Drayton Valley at noon Dec. 13th 2005. And no snow. It’s all about climate change.

Speaking of, which I have some opinions about climate change.I think climate change is a cyclic condition. Scientests are able to drill into the polar ice (even that’s declining at an alarming rate) and go back in time to see these changes made as a natural phenomenah of the planet. However global warming is also part of climate change and global warming (for the most part) is a man made condition of the planet. There are other culprits as well more notably underwater volcanoes that leak lava flow into the oceans. They contribute to the warming of the oceans and that contributes to global warming.

well were getting a bit of snow coming down out there and it seems to be staying. It’s not a heavy snowfall but it’s something coming down. Anyhow, onto other things. I’ve got an hour to try and get something done before I head into work.

I'm going to bring my writing into work with me tonight and the radio to listen to the game. That's all for now.


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