Sunday, December 11, 2005

still working with "Underworld" and getting the Ms ready. It sucks right now big time but like the sculptor finding the finished stone in the block the finale cut is in there some place. All part of the revision process. Underworld might not even be the finished title of the book if it ever gets published but I'm having fun trying.

In listening to Coast last night the guest Riley Martin's accent or drawl was really grating on my nerves.

I'm not big on conspiracy theories and such but they are entertaining and some of the speakers on Coast are engaging and offer compelling suggestions especially people like Richard C Hoagland. Hoaglands focus as it seems to me is the face on Mars. Now I don't believe that is a face or an ancient artifact or anything else but Martian erosion. Now I am not a scientist or know much about erosion and weather on earth and even less on Mars but to suggest that the face on Cydonia is some kind of artifact, well, I don't know. The skeptic in me is leaning to the no way camp but we need a manned mission to Mars to set the record strait. At least as entertaining as Mr. Hoagland is, he is a lot better speaker then Mr. Martin was last night.

Speaking about conspiracy theories and such, no I don't believe there was a conspiracy behind 9/11. No I don't believe in a JFK conspiracy either. Do I believe Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy or Officer JD Tippet? No. But the President was shot by one sniper but not Oswald. Do I believe in the single bullet theory? Yes but I don't believe the bullet was the one labeled CE 399. Was there evidence tampering? Of course there was but not for the purposes of supporting the Warren commission. A lot of people just screwed up that day and in the confusion something like that was bound to happen. So who do I think shot JFK? I don't know but it wasn't Oswald. Does that suggest a conspiracy? No. Just that DPD had an ugly incident on their hands and they wanted to go with what they had at the time to get the incident out of the way and to create as much distance between Dallas and the assassination as possible.

Other fun conspiracies are the Holy Blood holy Grail books by Baignet, Leigh and Licoln and the series of books that came later and in a similar vein, later Dan Brown and the DaVince codes.

Another conspiracy theory is the Japanese invasion of Pearl harbor. Was Pearl harbor "allowed to happen" to get America into a war in Europe? On two fronts? I don't know but all these conspiracy theories are very compelling if not entertaining to say the least.

Another popular conspiracy theory is the moon landing hoax. That's another tough pill to swallow. What about UFO's Jim? I don't think UFO's are in the same camp as a conspiracy theory. There is just to much evidence seen by too many witnesses. The Phoenix lights encounter comes to mind in 1997. Then what about the Roswell incident? Do I believe in the official version? No. But I think there is a fine line between a cover up and a conspiracy. The Govt. mentality of 1947 is a lot different then the mentality of the Govt. of today. Other conspiracy theories are Project Bluebook, Area 51, the Masonic influence over the world and on it goes. So what's the real truth? I guess it depends on what your agenda is and what you believe in.

That's all for now

e. Jim

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