Monday, December 12, 2005

A Special Thanks goes out to Thur at the Blogger Forum for helping me with some sidebar issues. Great stuff. Thanks again Thur.

I'm glad I took the night off, even though, my mistake there was no Oiler hockey game on for tonight but I can listen to it on the job tomorrow at work but I still enjoyed wrestling and I even got some Chapter 4 reading of Underworld done earlier.

On my website forum at Drupal someone tried to point me in the direction to what's called menu on the fly,which is apparently a third party application but I needed an unzip app to open the file but I couldn't find one with Wxp. One of the things I want to do on my website is to have a gallery of photo's of me at work at home and the festive board and out and about that type of thing. More especially when I get myself a digital camera.

Some people might be asking me, If I'm a Pagan Conservative why would I be voting Liberal at the National election? Well, because the Liberals are the best thing going for Canada right now imo. It's kind of like a devil we know as to one we don't (Harper) and the ND's are to Left for me.
The Liberals would more or less maintain the status quo and at the moment Canada has the best economy we've had here since 1972.
Sure, what about add scandal? That wasn't under Paul Martin. Paul Martin is doing everything he can to settle the softwood lumber issue between Canada and the US. If Harper got elected all the work Martin did would have been wasted. Harper wants to put money back into the hands of parents for daycare whatever. Scott Reid, the PM's director of communications, Sunday made the off the cuff comment that if Hapers plan (if elected) to put day care money into the pockets of parents that the cash would go towards beer and popcorn instead. Personally I think the comment was rather reckless and I doubt any parent that received the cash would do that. But the money shouldn't go to all parents with kids. There are a lot of rich parents out there. I'm sure the money would go towards where it was intended. But I know lot's of mothers that would just as soon use the proposed money to go play on the VLT's and use the cash for smokes but I don't think that is the majority.

Okay, enough of that.


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