Friday, December 02, 2005

Okay now the text color works. Maybe I can't bold and text. Lets try that and post.

Anyway, it's a cold day out there here in Edmonton at -12* but there is a windchill. Personally I don't find that terribly cold and there is a hint of a warming trend on the way.

Being a writer of somewhat a dubious skill capability, I'm always on the lookout for hearing cliche's. One cliche that really annoys me especially this time of year is, "A Turkey dinner with all the trimmings." Well, duh, does the turkey dinner just come with a few slices of meat on the plate and that's it? The really guilty offenders of this cliche are news anchor people. Every time when some cause or whatever annouces the turkey dinner, I can almost hear the dreaded cliche about to fall. They should know better. Maybe I should have a rants page for things like this.

Anyway, the Oilers play Sat. night here in Edmonton, entertaining the Boston Bruins and sigh, Calgary is home to Pittsburgh. The standings are so tight in our division that it could come down to anything during the playoff cut.

Last thing I need to do before I get ready for supper/work is to print off a hard copy of CH to take with me. There are some un answered questions in CH and I'll address those over the weekend. This might be all for today.


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