Friday, December 09, 2005

Odds and ends and all over the place:

I think I must have had 2.5 hrs sleep when I went back to bed at 2:30am and I woke up at 5:45 and went right back to bed. Since then I might have had 4.5hrs, so a total of maybe 7hrs but not all in one session. I don’t get that anymore since I became diabetic last year.
But because this is an election year the Canadian Diabetic association is pushing for a national diabetic plan. My fellow diabetic/co worker and I were talking about this on the bus last night. He’s in his early 60’s and figures the idea probably won’t get much attention. I agree because it’s not a sexy issue like child day care or other issues the big 3 keep coming up with all the time on the campaing trail. The election is Jan 23rd here in Canada. Right now the Libs have a lead in the public opinion polls of I think 39%, and the Conservatives 10 or 12% less then that with the ND’s around 16%. Political analysis are suggesting that the election could be a minority Government no matter which party gets elected.

Not only do we have the election this Jan but the provincial resource checks but my employer is folding up shop and moving down the street to the Baker Clinic into a much nicer building and also, this means no more waiting for a connecting bus to the LRT. I can walk right up from the train and through the parking lot to work. I could be in the new building from the train in 2 min. Also in Jan 2006 the south leg of the LRT extention is supposed to come online. It’s ready now but workers are doing the finishing touches on it and it’s slated to open Jan 1st So Jan is going to be an interesting month
Then, Feb we have Valentines day, Family day, and I hope to have my Mark Master initiation that month taking Masonry to another level. Feb is crowded but nice as well. Also, the weather begins to change and Spring is around the corner. March: Anne’s birthday. It’s going to be an interesting start to 2006.

Anne mentioned to me the other day that Kelsy’s in our area is closed down. That was the place where we had our anniversary dinner, Dec 6th 2000. Rather a sad historical note for me. Of other interest, it seems that in the City of London England they’ve are taking away the old double decker buses because they aren’t accommodating to the disabled. Another tradition changing due to this air of political correctness.

Our weather here today is a balmy +8 and the same for tomorrow. We’re warmer then Dallas but it’s unusual they get weather this cold down there. I like to study the jfk assassination as a bit of a hoby and I have the “Sniper’s window” webcam available and I look out onto Dealey plaza quite often. They usually get +20* weather and that’s normal for them for this time of year.

Anyway I’m going into Future Shop tomorrow to check on that laserjet printer to see what kind of toner it caries. I’d like to also go to Londonderry mall and more specifically go to the print refill place and see if they refill toner ink and I’m going to read Chapter 2-3 of Underworld as well this weekend and work on CH a bit more before it goes out the door.

That’s all for now.


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