Saturday, December 17, 2005

No need to panic. Things are back to normal. Well sort of.

Yeesh. okay so it's a learning process.

Anyway. folks I'm back.

I didn't get out today as I was hoping but there is tomorrow. I spent some time working on my website this afternoon and tinkering around with that. Lets see beyond that not much is going on. Anne went and bought me a whack of AAA batteries for my Mp3 player. I got one of those Phillips Rush players this past April. This package of batteries are standing upright in their plastic case and remind me of bullets. LOL. 48 batteries. one battery is worth about 2hrs of music. The Rush isn't a bad player and I've got a 512 SD media card slot in it now holding up to 70 songs plus 30 more songs on it's own memory. Lately I've been looking at those new iPod video players. But the thing can store up to 15K worth of songs, and I like that.

Well, that's about all for me for today. The Oiler game is starting in about 45 min and I want to do some more reading, Underworld.

e. Jim

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