Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My website is slowly pulling together as I learn more about the mechanics of Drupal terms.

Also, I imposed a deadline for CH: Dec.15th and that's when I send that story out. There are still a few issues I need to work over but at least I've got it narrowed down to a deadline. Then I can get to that WWW story in Jan. Is CH novel material? Maybe but I need more action scenes and to expand the scope more to make CH into a Novel. If CH ends up becoming a novel then it will be about 80k and that's reasonable.

I think what I might do this month is work on some more ideas for CH and get WWW ready to write for Jan. If CH gets the green light to write I figure I can write that in Feb/March and have the first draft done by May and work on "Underworld", which is a completed rough draft but sitting on the shelf since I finished it this last July and I think I'll work on that instead. Same kind of process as CH but I don't think it will need 8 versions to get it done. Maybe 3 and I think I'll begin reading Underworld this month and then work on the first revision in January and write WWW. Do the type-ins and second read in Feb. Read it again in March and make the changes and do the type ins in April. One more read and make changes in May and do the finale type-ins in June. Then I'll have a complete and ready Ms to market to agents.

Hopefully I would have published a short story this year. That's the goal for this year but I want to have my first novel published before I turn 60 and I have 5.5 years to do it in. After that once I've got my feet wet I'll be writing as long as I have my health and If I can write up until I'm 80 like some of the other great sf writers then fine. One book/year will give me 26 novels. Sure many writers today have started already and have a catalogue of books to their credit. Maybe I needed to wait until this stage of my life to get the book out. It may come as a surprise to some people but life isn't over because you turn 50.

But that's all for right now.


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