Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm closing in on the last of Chapter 7. Lots of ideas here that need tightening up.

Anyway, The Oilers won a huge game against Vancouver last night. I was able to listen to the last period and it was tied at 5. The Oilers were just buzzing the Canuck goal tender all night and Ryan Smyth scored making it 6-5 and then I think Peca scored 7-5. The Canucks during the finale 30 seconds or so ended up with a 2 man advantage for Vancouver and they scored making it 7-6 but time was running out on them. Also, what made the game special was Calgary played tonight and they lost and now the Oilers are tied for first place in our Div at 44 points. Here's the fly in the Ointment, Vancouver is hosting Calgary on Friday. We've got LA Kings on Friday. I'd rather us still share first place on Friday if we can make it 5 in arow against LA and have the Flames lose Friday in Vancouver. It's getting really interesting now. Here is an interesting stat the announcers said: This is the first time ssince 1989 that the Oilers have won 20 games before Christmas. The following year the Oilers won their 5th Stanley Cup. I believe they can win their 6th, what with these new rules and all.

So why am I up and awake? Well, I want to go into work for today at 1:30pm for the afternoon shift. Not only because of the party but in case we're not getting paid for this. I want at least 3 hrs in. Also, I plan on going in again for Friday afternoon. This way, it will get me 25.5hrs. Begining in the New Year, I will be going in Monday's 1:30-9pm and same thing with Tues and keep my 25.5hrs in. If I can still do this and say Rob pulls me off my dialer at 3pm for having a low total, then I'll have a chance to go in again and get the hours another shift later durring the week. if I can keep this up for a whole year, I'll be inqualifying position to get on the company medical plan. This means I'll be able to cover my dental and optical. More especialy It'll cover my dieabetic supplies. Also I'll be able to test 4 times/day and I won't have to cover out of pocket for insulin and use the same needle for each vile of insulin or the same lancet. Insulin alone out of pocket is $505/year. Sure Alberta monitoring is paying for the test strips but that's only allowing me to test once/day. This is why I need the hours to get on the medical plan.

I'm starting to get glassy eyed here but I'm not really tired enough yet to go to bed.

Anyway tonights Coast show is a rebroadcast of a previous program. It being the holidays and such. Firday's show looks great.

That's about all for now, I'll fix the typos later.

e. Jim

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