Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I went back to bed around 5am and I slept good from there until about 11:35ish or so. I can't believe the weather we've been getting here lately. Tempatures have been hovering around 0 and above for quite awhile now. Sure we've had a few -15c* days but nothing -20c* or anything like that yet, except a few times overnight low temps and the long range looks like its going to be more of the same as well, until mid January. I think the last real winter we've had here in Northern Alberta was back in 1996. I recall coming home from that AVC upgrading course over there in the idustrial park and for almost a week we've had -25-30c* weather and lots of snow piled up. I recall as well, many -29c* and that wsn't factoring in a wind chill.

This morning I came across a couple of interesting websites and Blogs that promoted an Independent Alberta. I like that. One site showed a clock how much money Alberta sends to Ottawa, kind of like a debt clock. Or rather a donation clock is more like it, where we send money to Ottawa, in the tune of $11 billion/year. Very interesting. It seems we don't need Canada, they need Alberta. I went and emailed the "Stand Up Alberta" website to see if I can get logo code so I can place in my Template/sidebar. I'll see if I can get a response before I go off to work. I'm not suggesting we opt out of Canada total or just yet but I think we need a better deal for Albertans then we're getting now.

I got a PM at FM to include Bonnnies weblog. If I can, I always like to ask first before I place peoples Blogs on my sitcourtesy a curtosy. If anyone wants to link here, no problem.

Still looking at that mess of paper I need to clean up but I don't have time right now. Maybe when I come back from work latter. BTW, CH is ready to ship. I just need to format the story is all to the market I want to send to. Most of these webzines want the story in rti format, which is easy enough to do and I still haven't ruled out traditional print media as well.

Otherwise, nothing new yet as for "Lodge brothers." I have a cast of characters of course and the novel I envision will be about 80-100k. In the short story format usually the 7 point plot outline inspires a plot all it's own. I have a few ideas for Lb of course and over this long weekend I'll have more.

Beginning the new year though I plan on writing a min of 1000 words/day of new fiction and it's still my goal to publish in the short story format first.

Other then the Stand Up Alberta logo I want an Edmonton Oilers logo on my web page. It is a Personal Blog with the emphasis on my sf/f writing. More later.

BTW, Don't shy from signing my guest book. It's very user friendly. See the link in the sidbar


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