Sunday, December 25, 2005

I went and added a new type of calendar in my sidebar last night. It has a few features the Bravenet one doesn't have, so I think I'll be removing the Bravenet calendar soon.

I don't know if Lodge brothers should be a short story or a novel. I don't have any ideas brewing in my head for a novel right now other then a fragment of an idea for CH.

Holly Lislie has recently put together a book on character creation she calls her Character Creation Clinic. I'm week on character development in my stories. Hell, I admit I'm week on just about everything writing wise but I think this book is a growing concern and something I wouldn't mind picking up at a book store or even in an ebook format. I don't know how much the book would go for yet but I wouldn't mind picking something like that up.

I'm trying to get a hold of Mark so he can uninstall Drupal for me so I can reinstall it again hopefully under my domain name. I have an account on my site but I'm under user and not admin. I need to get back to admin and close everything off to users other then email. I think I did that already. I hope, but not to many people are doing any business this weekend. Not that I blame them.

I'm a light sleeper.Being diabetic doesn't help me at all either. Shortly after I put my last post to bed, I'm tired enough to fall asleep but I'm wide awake. I know I didn't have much coffee yesterday. Just as when I thought sleep would come up gets my wife to pee and the two dresser touch lamps on her side of the bed come on when she passes by. Then just as I'm ready to fall asleep again, the cat jumps on my feet into bed. Then, just as I'm ready to fall asleep for the 3rd time, my wife has to get up and do a dump. Geez. So I decided, well what else is going to get me now? What else could possibly go wrong?

What I like about MS word though as to MS Works word Processor is that I can view a page as a web document and I've done this several times when I had a copy of word on my old W98 system. What I didn't check for was to see if it came with a Url. But because it wasn't hosted on a website, probably not.

It seems my Blog is taking over my diary. Since I had gotten into Bloging and "publishing" my poor diary has seen less activity each day. But there are things I can talk about in my diary I can't here for obvious reasons. I used to go from Diary to blog but now it seems I'll be going the other way around now.


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