Thursday, December 15, 2005

I slodging my way through Underworld bit by bit. Some of it's not bad but most of it's crap.There are a lot of fragmented sentences and too many pov shifts between dialog tags. What I'd like to do is take a sentence by sentence breakdown of these pov shifts and tidy them up if just downright cut them out all together.

This upcoming weekend though I'm going to fix up CH and do the finale finishing touches on the story and a finale read and ship it out this weekend.

on the website, I want to post snippits of my stories. If anything people can read them and make comments if they want. Also now that I have access to my Drupal files (thanks to Marks PM late last night/early this am.) I can add modules and begin to format my website. I want to be able to add individual pages where you can log in and read portions of my stories. I'm not sure yet if I want to have the stories full public access, or a kind of membership access. In any case this wll only give the reader limited access to a small amount of the story. Of course the story will be deleted once the story finds publication until I resume back the rights of any of said stories. Where possible.

I'm even going to post some pages of "Underworld" once I go through the three rti steps. So viewers of this site should be able to receive. I might do it through a trade link approach. I don't know. "Want to read the story? Lets trade links and upon confirmation of the link a password will be sent to access the story." Something like that. hard to say yet. I'm just thinking out loud.

I did a ping rank of this blog over there at Technorati and I discovered my blog rank: I can't find it now but I think it was like 1,000,000,+ something. Whatever it was it was low. :-)

Anyway, that's all for now.

e. Jim

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