Friday, December 16, 2005

I have one primary goal in life and that is to get a book published before I turn 60. I have 6 years to accomplish this goal. It doesn't mean I stop writing.

I was thinking about Ellen recently. The last time I saw her was when she was getting on the #120 bus by the 2nd Cup a few blocks away from where I work. As I recall this was on a Wednesday about 4:35pm. I was wondering why she was down at my end of town and where was her car? She was 16 when we were seeing each other at the time and that was in 1980. That would make her 41 now and closing in on 42 Sept 10th 2006. Hard to believe. She hadn't changed much when I saw her and she noticed me but the bus was crowded and I was sitting in the center on the side seat. I think she recognized me and smiled but I turned away and never looked back. Ellen was an Amway junkie and for all I know still is. When I get my Rants page up and running on my website I'll have a few things to say about Amway and my experiences in that column in the near future. No doubt though Ellen is off some where tomorrow showing the plan or ready to go out to a major Amway function. They have Dream night which is in Calgary. I tried looking on the web for some info but nothing is posted. I think this even is in January anyway. But with all the trouble the bww organization has been experiencing recently Is it any wonder if the organization has collapsed. Actually I found an anti Quixtar blog and it seems there is no bww Dream night in Alberta. The only one seems to be in Hamilton On. Lol.

more on this later


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