Saturday, December 17, 2005

I had a great night at work for a Friday night. We were shut down for half an hour, trying to get the system online. That was a nice break. I might have it a grand though if we started at 5pm.

Also, I found that I can qualify for the company medical plan after 24hrs/week because part time is considered 20hrs/week. I figure if I can work say Thursday and Friday afternoons, then fine. That would get me 25.5hrs/week. I should actually try and get one week day in there, in case I'm not doing so good and I end up being taken off the dialer at 3pm. But I've got to be putting in a full 24hr/week, steady for one full year to qualify for the medical plan.

Tomorrow I want to go shopping over to the Army&Navy dept store over there at Londonderry mall and shop for some cloths. I need a good pair of pants. I also want to check on that printer ink refill kiosk and see how much toner refill is going to cost and then get bite to eat and take the bus back home and maybe even visit future shop and take a look around, I don't know.

I do know though, I'll be working on my Blogg some more and my website and do the finale type ins for CH and ship that out, possibly on Sunday.

Also, Sat night is the Oiler game. I think they are in Vancouver. Yes I just confirmed. I'll be watching that tomorrow night, checking on my usual sites and having a nice weekend.

Also, I will be reading the rest of Chapter4 and possibly 5 for tomorrow and Chapter6-7 for Sunday and blogging, surfing and writing.


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