Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I had another great evening as I ended up doing $1020 and a $25 credit card and I got another $10 bonus. Two nights with Rob there. If I can do another $1000 night tomorrow (I'm not going to hold my breath)then great.

Anyway some of the calls were coming in slow and I wish I had the chance to bring some writing in with me but I've got everything for Underworld except Chapter 1. So, I'm going to have to dig into that and make a hard copy tonight ready for tomorrow. If I can read one Chapter/day then I'll be able to have the initial book read in 15 days except for the type-ins. The first read and type-ins (rti) will be done this month. Second rti will be done in January. The third and finale rti in February and I should have a complete novel.

I've been reading some interesting things going on over there at
and there seems to be a consensus that agents only want a query letter and forget the full MS. If the QL looks great and they want to read more about the book then the author and sales are made from there. But also, I want to get a look at the market success agents have had in getting books published and I haven't yet read the whole thread but I will after I post this. I find this thread very interesting. More latter.


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