Friday, December 23, 2005

I got woken up by a thump beside me on the bed. Silky leeping off the dresser. It was about 5:15am and I had to get up anyway. I wanted to try out that new novelin pen, which works great. One of the few free things diabetics have.

Work goes slowly on Underworld but I like to bring the type ins to the job because quite often the calls come in slow, and it’s nice to have something to do in between the calls. I can usually read about 4 pages a night at work and at least 10 pages/day. I was catching a lot of repititon as well which I’m going to need to go back on and hack and slash. I also need a sentence or two to summarize what the scene is about and what’s going on. I’ll be doing that in Chapter 8. That way I can have a quick glance at each summary. I’m going to do a page by page summary, I think that’s better. And at 691 pages long (so far) I’ll be able to hae a good idea of what’s going on in each page. Roughly 346 single pages. More or less.


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