Monday, December 19, 2005

I got up at noon after a pretty good sleep and I'm enjoying a coffee here. Looks like we could be in for a "brown" Christmas. Hey above 0 over the holidays works for me.

I have a list of what I consider are my Top SF movies of all time and I might have to include fantasy in there as well because I enjoyed like most of us the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Sadly most fantasy in the D&D tradition is made for the younger set although I'm waiting for an EverQuest movie to come out. Yeah I know don't hold my breath.

I'm not into tv commercials, like who isn't but there has been one this month that I just love. It's by Telus the telephone provider here in western Canada. Anyway the add shows this hippopotamus along with some marching style music. "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas." I've got the tune in my head. Cursed meme's. Check the story here

I cruise about 100 blogs/week but the one I keep coming back to is "Holy Leslies Pocket full of Words." One of the best Blogs for writers out there. Actually it was her Blog that inspired me to create this Blog, even though I've had a daily diary since May12th 1980 and I continue write in it every day.

Even though a large part of my life is writing (if not most of it) an even equally large part of my life is the Occult. Or the Hermetic path as I prefer to call it. For me this is a study of Tarot, the Qabalah and other Hermetic sciences as I like to call them. I started the occult path in the Spring of 1980 shortly before my diary was formed. The diary was supposed to be a magical record or as they say in Wicca a Book of Shadows. The occult and romance is a large part of my science fiction writing.
But one of my most fascinating aspects of the occult is the study magick as taught by Aleister Crowley. Now a disclaimer here. I am not a fan of AC. I don't collect AC books or emulate him in anyway. I am not a wannabe Aleister Crowley. I think I have his Book of the Law (blue oto copy) and the Book of Thoth Tarot and the deck as well. At one time I had quite a few Crowley books. I am however part of the t93 e-group and I subscribe heavily to what is commonly referred to as Thelema. Even though I am a Conservative Pagan, I am strongly influenced by the concepts found in AC's The Book of the Law. I won't get into too much of my beliefs here although I will have a more in depth page about my beliefs on my website forth coming. I made add as well, these days my "occult path" is taking me down the Masonic road where I am more comfortable. One of the main conditions for becoming a Mason is one's belief in a higher power. What is often referred to as God.

Alright, onto other things.

e. Jim

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