Thursday, December 22, 2005

I got the ok to include Tam's Blog into my list of sidebar links. She's a published author of numerous fantasy and a great contributer over there at Forward Motion. See Sidebar. I highly recomend her Blog, great reading and well worth your time. See the link in sidebar called tamboblog.

I’m determined to go into work for this aftrnoon. Anne must have got up maybe an hour ago and let me sleep by closing the door.I didn’t even hear her leave. Of course though, it’s her pay week and all. Now, because it’s our staff xmas party tonight, I don’t think there’s going to be much work if any for tonight, which is why I want to go in early. At least if anything this is a good introduction for going in on the afternoons.

I didn’t get much sleep after I turned in around 5am and even less around when I tried to get to sleep after Letterman and listening to a bit of Coast. When 2am rolled around I figured I’d get up anyway and putter around on the computer until I got sufficiently tired enough to pass out. I took my insulin and fed the cats but sleep was hard to come by and I don’t think I fell asleep until about 6amish. I might have got all of about 5hrs, if that.

Before bed though I found the Drupal downloads section and tons of modules. Most of these modules have been written by others. Some interesting stuff and I’m going to play around with some of those before I head in. OSD has a WYSIWYG editor but it’s just a trial version in the file manager but there is a program called tinyMice, which is similar to the WYSIWYG editor. I’m expecting Anne home in about half an hour so, maybe I’ll see if I can install one of these moduels. That’s all for now.


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