Thursday, December 15, 2005

I added a Blogorama button in the sidebar earlier and learned more about RSS. Interesting stuff.

Not much going on right now and I'm not really tired but I'll be heading into bed soon to listen to Coast.

I had a great night at work last night as we began "Old timer Hockey Challenge." I wrote over $1000 bucks tonight. Another milestone for me work wise: First ever $1000+ day of the first day of a new campaign. I've never done that before.

I'm not sure what my next novel project is going to be. I kind of like "Cross hairs" but I don't think there is enough in there for a novel but an extended short story..Sure.

Also for fantasy (D&D style) I'm going to get involved in something like Everquest again. Right now it's just for the psp system but I don't have the Ram nor the graphics capability to run the game on this. Now I know I can run EQ on a psp system and I might still get a psp system and hook it up to this monitor so I can play EQ in here. I like fantasy and all like D&D, I'm not that good at writing it. Even though I've written a few fantasy short stories. But for the most part my "Worlds of science fiction and (D&D) fantasy," will be regulated to an online presence. EverQuest will be my game of choice and I'll probably get a psp system with Ralph's resource checks when we get them next month. I might end up getting into a guild of some kind or start my own. We'll see.

That's all for now.

e. Jim

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