Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hollywood said it’s having one of the worst years it’s had in over a decade. Well, duh maybe the movies suck and also it could be the overal price of a movie. With flops like Stealth and The Island is it any wonder? Also, why bother when you can see the movie at the “dollar theater”. Now the dollar theater is something like $3 bucks. Still that’s more affordable then going to “Silver City” theaters and spending $12 bucks.Also, the movies come out on DVD ( not that we own a DVD player or anything) but when a new release comes out 6-9 months later, who cares? A typical trip at the first one movies for Anne and I would be $24 (including tax) and then you have to buy their popcorn, which is about $2 bucks+ and Anne likes her candy treats, there’s another $5 bucks. I bring my own pop in (not allowed) We figure about $30 bucks. But we like to make an afternoon of it. We haven’t done this since the First Rock movie (Scorpian King) when we had the car in 2002. But we like to go out get some Chinese food at the mall and take a look around in Chapters, that type of thing. Last book I bought from West Edmonton Mall (WEM) was that Everquest book and that was $40. That was when I was playing Everquest at the time. So maybe Hollywood needs a major motion picture release. They are banking on Kong and I think Mission Impossible 3 and some others. I see a time say twenty years don the road the movie theater will be a thing of the past and Hollywood will be delivering content in different ways.

Coast was pretty good last night. George had guest Lloyed Pye talking about Starchild etc. Tonight, Peter Gersten will be talking about the current state of urology and winter solstice 2012 and project Serpo. Should be another great show. Then a softy show, Xmas miracles. Gag.
Anyway work goes slowly on CH but I’m going to do the last type ins and get the story out there on the weekend. That’s something I can do and get ready for my next writing project, which will probably be WWW and read AON and revise that. AON is going out in Jan. WWW out in Feb and so on. Lift off if it comes back from Antimuse will go out to another market. I want to hit the webzines first because Webzines have more (under such a scenario) uss, accessible readership.


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