Friday, December 02, 2005

having trouble sleeping again. I'm tired but I stayed up watching David Letterman with special guest Ophra Winfrey. Now I'm not a fan of Ophra, not that there's nothing wrong with her but the content doesn't appeal to me, but this was an "historic Letterman show" as Ophra hadn't been on since 1989 and there was sort of (fueled mostly by Dave;-) but mostly in fun. ) a kind of a "feud" going on. But she was on the show tonight and I had to watch being a fan of the Late night with David Letterman show.
That was fun.

After DL I listened to a bit of Coast hoping I would nod off but no way. The show was too good to nod off. For once George had a decent guest. William Henry talking about the Mayan Calendar and galactic discoveries. Lots of people have written ad nauseum over 2012 and the so called end of the Mayan calendar. It's fantastic stuff and material right up my aley and tonight's Coast show looks good but there after, nutrion, Fear epidemic, Self Pycology, Prophecy, sll dull topics but Wednesday the Coast week gets better with "artificial moon."

odds and ends all over the place:
I haven't been able to get off a copy of CH Thursday but I will before I head back into work this afternoon. Still nothing yet from Bravenet about my calendar woes. Hopefully later today.Yesterday at the lodge was excellent. I had a good time. A great evening and the festive board wasn't bad either. Back to CH, so when I go into the job, I'll have a hard copy of CH to work on and and I hope to have the grammar ready and a finished copy of the story out the door so I can work on "Whackey Whaler Willy". Here after titled www. No this is not a comedy. Also today I get my paycheck. Not that there's anything left in there for me. Also, the Oilers won last night playing here at Rexall Place 5-3 against Vancouver but Calgary won also so there were no real changes in the standings. Calgary needs to go on a losing streak. Oh also at the lodge there were some photo's shot and I was in them.

Anyway, that's all for me for now at least.

e. Jim

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