Saturday, December 24, 2005

having some website issues right now. I’d love an off on switch. Annyway, I stayed up for an hour and fooled around on my website. That was fun but I lost all my navigation. I’m just going to have to keep things fresh and start again, since I have no idea what I’m doing. At least Blogger is consistant and easy to use but it needs some smilies in the compose window. No wonder there were 2 people on my website the other day. I opened everything up, somehow. In the permissions I believe. I’m in communication with someone named “Paddy” I don’t expect much response this weekend what with it being xmas eve right now and tomoorw, I don’t think there’s much Drupal, Blogger or other business going on right now. But I have 3 days off including today. Back to work for me on Tuesday and I want to go in and put in a full 7hrs in.

Temp wise were supposed to climb to +11C today, which is very surprising.
Anyway, I got to bed shortly after 6am and had no trouble sleeping from 6-12:15pm when I woke up and I had about 1.5hrs of sleep before, so I believe I had a full 7.5hrs sleep. I’m all slept out.

I went through the Underworld manuscript yesterday and it seems that I read the story already and made copious amounts of notes. A second read through wont hurt at all.

Emergency vehicles are out there with sirens blazing full force this afternoon. People go nuts on the last shopping day before xmas. I’m glad I’m not out there. Boxing day gets even worse because of all the returns and the reduced specials. I’ll be glad when things get back to more or less normal in the early new year.


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