Thursday, December 01, 2005

Having some issues with my calendar so I accessed the Bravenet forum and made a post so hopefully when I come back from the lodge tonight I'll get some answers and results so I can have this thing working again.

part of my wake up routine is fixing my first coffee and reclining on the couch to watch the noon news. An interesting story about an 87 year old fellow playing golf. He had 4 hole in ones. I forget when he started playing golf but the story made reference of later in life. His 4th hole in one was a few weeks ago. It was a great story of inspiration. Wish I had a link.

The CH saga continues and I think I have the story where I want it but even though its supposed to be a sci fi story the sf elements are hard to come by. It's more of an adventure sci fi story. I'll be reading more of it and putting the finale touches on the story before I give it the grammar once over. I think between all 5 versions of the rough draft there might be about 165 pages. I should really think about changing my editing habits but I like a new hard copy to take with me on my way into work so I have something to do when the calls come in slow at my dialer. At a dime each, at Staples the story would cost me something like $16 bucks so far.

Anyway, that's all for now.


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