Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas time in the City

I bet right now at this time Christmas morning parents with children are in the middle, if they haven't yet begun too by now, are unwrapping their presents. I remember when we were kids we were up all night Christmas eve. We couldn't sleep we were so excited. The first thing we did when we woke up Christmas morning was rush for the red xmas stockings with our names etched in white lettering. There were oranges nuts and treats of all kinds in them. It must be gratifying for parents when they see their kids receive their presents from Santa dad or mom when their children open up presents under the treee Xmas morning. Like right now. It must also be pretty tough as well especially this day and age to buy for kids because kids want everything. It's also easy because there is more choice and toys are more accessible. Like adults though, kids too want the latest and greatest. So right now every kid with parents here in Edmonton is under the tree tearing open the xmas wraping. The collective excitement level is felt no where else in time then it is right now.

This is why Christmas used to be so special for me. Anne and I agreed that because of the most recent death of her mother only a few 6 weeks ago, that we were not going to exchange gifts this year but tonight each of us are going to have a special meal. I'm having a nice rack of baby back spare-rib dinner. Anne had turkey a few weeks ago. Last night though we had our xmas platter and watched Rockford files and Knight Rider reruns. There was no Coast on our local radio because of the holidays. Probably not to night as well.

But later on we're supposed to get our $400 resource checks from Santa Ralph coming in up next month, so I'll buy myself a late Christmas present. When we move our office in January to the Baker clinic (that's where my optomologist's office is), I can go see Dr. Morgan on the 7th floor because we'll be on the 2nd floor. Since Dr Morgan did my cataract operation August 2004,I'm going to go to him for an eye examination and then go get myself a nice pair of glasses.

Anyway, that's about all for me this morning as I put his baby to bed. Sorry about the typos.

Merry Christmas everyone.

e. Jim

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