Thursday, December 22, 2005

anyway Anne did not return so I went and walked down to the Clairview LRT and I bought a diet Coke, taking my insulin pen with me. I went inot work, which was uneventfull and I began the 1:30pm shift. I ended up with $135. Rob got everybody together and we got a number and a draw number. Then I got a couple of slices of pizza and some chicken and a diet pop, took my insulin and we began the 5pm shift and I was on a tear. I ended up doing $1,100 for the night. What a great time. I went to Shoppers to get some change and my bus came by right away and an uneventful lrt ride to Clairview and home and Anne was waiting for me. Oh the number matched an envelope and inside was a voucher for something nice. I got a $25 Walmart card. Others got vouchers for restaurants etc. Plus I got 7hrs on the day, my pay check a $10 bonus and a good time.

The only downsidesof this evening was my cheap dollar store headphones broke on me and I left my novelin pen at work with no way to deliver insulin in my system, so Anne went out just at the last min after making a call to Superstore to make sure they had the novelin pens in stock. Whew, yes they did.

Anyway, what a happy day. Also, another bummer Smackdown was a best of the year so nothing new or live. That’s okay, gives me a chance to do some Bloging etc. Anyway, Anne’s making me some dinner to have while I watch the news and then back to do some work on my website etc. Oh, and I also managed to work on Underworld some more. I still plan on getting CH out the door by the end of the month.

They even had some door prizes at work. An Xbox was the main prize. Dave Sullavin won a Ghetto blaster there was a toaster and a blender as well. I came within 3 numbers of John who won the Xbox. Anyway,that’s all for now.


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