Friday, December 30, 2005

6:17am Well I woke up just after 6am. That was where I wanted to be, because that gave me 2.5hrs sleep. That’s okay by me. I think it was the wine Anne gave me. It has some sleep inducing qualities but not always.

1:03pm I had trouble sleeping when I went back to bed and dozed off. One of the teens iat work s trying to scam $2 off me by claiming I owe her money. I know for a fact I never, rarely borrow money. Except from Greg, I think I borrowed $1 for a candy bar a couple of times but that’s been it when I was without cash. My blood sugar was down at the time. I usually give him my left over sanwhiches anyway. She thinks I “owe” this from her empty cans and bottles she gave me since I’ve known her at work and she’s been bugging me about it lately. I take home a lot of empty cans and bottles every night. I think that trivial had gotten inside my head before I climbed back into bed this a.m some how and I couldn’t sleep from there. But it bothered me. I take some pride in the fact I don’t owe anyone. It’s amazing what can creep into your head if you let it. I did manage the sleep though I needed. Stupid thing to worry over.

That and this recent “social fund” scam where the boss is taking $2 off my pay check each week. This “company social fund” was very un popular when it was first introduced when I started 5 years ago. No doubt it’s being used for our bonuses. Now this so called csf, is costing me, or will end up costing me $104/year. That translates into 2.5 pkgs of insulin. Also, there is this movement started by 2 of the staff that work Saturdays, to try and get more people to work Saturdays to have pizza every Saturday. Now personally Pizza every week doesn’t do anything for me. But what does, is this taking csf money and trying to entice people into working Saturday. So, now your putting restrictions on my csf contributions by restricting my access to it? I think they better rethink that. If they don’t and start doing this when we move into the new office after next weekend then I will opt out for sure.

Anyway, Anne went up to the bank to cash my check. Great weather lately. I think I need a new job. Or at least another job I can do in the afternoons aside from where I work now. But then, this will take time away from my writing and I can’t afford that either. So, I need to strike a balance somehow, between the job, writing, family, and exercise and sleep. Oh yea, this weekend I will get Crosshairs out the door and begin work on "Lodge brothers."

Oh I also responded to a post on my impresions of begining a daily diary and how I got started with mine. It's something I tossed together. Also, I ended up responding to Robert Bruce Barid again on the "Occult" thread. You can read about the sillyness from the link. It's not much but I was kind of wiped out when I wrote it and I answered him on his accusations that Masonry is a religion. There are many types of religious people in masonry but that doesn't mean it's a religion.


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