Thursday, December 29, 2005

3:26am I’m awake. I just can’t seem to get any sleep from after the time I spend with my wife, from 1am-1:30am. I usually like to give her a back rub at that time of night and I’m yawning and tired drowsing off listening to Coast. And after that she likes to retire to the couch and watch some tv. She crawls back into bed around 2:45-3am and I’m all wired up. We feel it’s because of my lack of me getting enough exercise. So this upcoming year I would like to go, to a “health club” even if it’s just 3 days a week. Say, Friday, Sat, Sunday even if it’s only for an hour a day. The thing with this office job is I’m not getting enough exercise. Yet I need my sleep at the same time and to spend time writing as well. I also, need to put some extra hrs in on the job and I’ve been meaning to do that this week, but I’ll be lucky if I can even get Friday afternoon in. Right now we are doing Old Timer Hockey Challenge. And it’s a charity hockey game but the campaign is reduced to semies and cold. We've been milking this thing for quite a while now and it's done. I was lucky to pull off $170, while the guy next to me did $500 something and most of us were struggling around the same. The campaign is boring and tiring and pooched.

I’ve got this bit of a headache as well and that’s causing me to lose some sleep. I know though when I go back to bed around 5am, I’ll be tired enough to pass out.

I managed to get at the mess the cats made for me a couple of days ago and more or less straitened up those papers and things.

I think I’m going to add several more categories to my Blog: Politics and Religion (AGF) When I don’t know. Lets check my email and see if the Stand Up Alberta people have emailed me back. Nope. Nothing back yet.

12:52pm yikes, I just got up 10 min ago and I’m a bit blurry eyed. I went back to bed around 5am and had the longest un interrupted sleep I’ve had in a long time. I still got a soar neck though in the bargain. Figures.

Last night I checked on my add sense account. I haven’t been there in ages and I don’t even know if you have to have a Google add on the site for them to start paying you. I was investigating that last night but I couldn’t find the Google adds. I’ll play around with it again on the weekend and get CH out the door. To somebody. Oh and if I do put adds on my Blog, they willl be in the bottom end of the sidebar

So the Oilers lost again last night in Rexall place yet and to The Wild. Even though they were last in the Division, they play a trap style of a game and blog up middle ice. But we have Nashville in here on Friday night and the Flames on Sat. In Calgary. Uggh. Nashville has lots Calgary lost to the Predictors Tues and the Flames Play the Wild tonight. Come on Wild. It’s quite a ride out here in our Division. With any Divisions in the NHL.

The red time notes means this is taken right out from my regular diary. But I need to make them bold font. Update. Bold may not work but enlarging the font does.

Just a note here, The first post isn't the last post. By that i mean it goes through several reads and changes, so even though you have read the post moments before it was posted and think that's it. No because I go back re read everything and edit. Usually, I'm done and out of here by 2:30pm anyway. Unless there is something else I want to add when I come back from work after 9pm.

That's all for now.

e. Jim

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