Saturday, December 31, 2005

12:18am So, now it’s my annual top 10 predictions for 2006.
#1-A political G-8 figure will be assassinated.
#2-A Nuclear bomb will go off as a terrorist attack.
#3-There will be a “Next Big thing” like the Internet TV etc.
#4-A cure for a major disease will be found through Nano tech.
#5-I will be published for this year.
#6-My family will contact me.
#7-UFO disclosure will happen.
#8-I will have a better paying pt time job.
#9-I will lose major weight.
#10-I will have major dental work in this year.
There you have it. A mix of personal and international goals this year.

12:58pm Well. I tried to look for Quantum muse but the link was broken. But last night I discovered Sam’s dot publishing and they have a few good webzines to submit to. I went and sent a submission as suggested in their guidelines and fired Crosshairs off to “Fifth DI” They pay small but all I want is the paying market credit. See prediction above.

Anyway, I crawled back into bed at around 5am and slept good right up until the numerous times I had to pee. Then around 10 am some a--holes began hammering something on the walls and it was hard to sleep after that. I think I got maybe 5hrs. If that.

Anyway. Not much on my plate today. I sent out “Crosshairs” so that was okay. I’ll probably hear from them hopefully before April. This means I have this year, one rejection letter and three submissions and 2 stories, out there.

I like this Works program because it like Word and most Word Processors have the ability to email right from the document. With Crosshairs, when it went out to Sam dot publishing or sdp, I sent it as a Rich Text document and other formats. I like this because when anything is sent out as an attachment it preserves the page numbering. Sdp however never specified font formatting so I sent it out as is. I use Comic Sans, 14.

Today on my plate, I’m going to watch the Oiler/Flames game and right after that Anne and I are going to go downtown and watch the fireworks for First Night so that will be good. We should be back before 1am and have something alcoholic and pass out. Other then that, I’m going to work on my Internet stuff etc. Anne is still sleeping. More later on. Possibly.


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