Friday, December 30, 2005

12:03am I was reading Tam’s Blog earlier and it’s interesting that she doesn’t use an outline and from what I’ve been reading she just jumps right in to her concept. I don’t really like to go in for long convoluted outlines myself because there’s something anti climatic about them. Well for me at least. I find that I burn out with outlines and find it difficult to jump back into the work after I invested all the time and energy into the outline itself. I’m left drained.
Anne discovered video on demand from Shaw and I have a night off from back rub break tonight so she can watch the movie and 3 days off beginning tomorrow night. Plus I got my pay check as well.

I sent mark a PM and asked if I can have multiple cms’s under one domain name. I don’t think that works though because of the address unique to that site. I would probably need a new domain name for that new site. I think that’s what he’s going to tell me. I still owe him $12 for I don’t mind paying out $24/year.

Anne hasn’t called yet about any fitness club services. I’m thinking about Grant McEwen college. So I went to their website and they have different types of plans and a pool for $38 bucks a month and fitness and nutritionist staff on hand plus pool facilities, hot tub and steam baths etc. I think this is a great idea. Anne’s all in favor for it.

I also just scanned the new posts from Pocket full of words and I posted on this at FM. You have to scroll down a bit to read the message.

Well, I'm about done for now. More latter on.

e. Jim

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