Monday, November 14, 2005


was spent relaxing. We didn't get up out of bed until around 12:30pm and then brunch and after that I watched the Eskimos at Calgary semi-finale CFL game and I thought oh no, here we go again as at the half it was 23-15. So the Esks Coach changed quarterbacks and what a difference that made. The score ended up being 33-26 in a real nail biter. I was flipping back and fourth at the half between the lousy play the Oilers had and the lousy first half of the Esks. But the Esks won and I was happy about that and couldn't care less about the Oiler game losing 3-1 but while I'm at work tonight on the job thing, I'll bring my radio and listen to the game, sitting beside good ol' J.T. come back at about 9:30ish tonight and get ready to watch my wrestling. Monday night Raw.

Anyway during the second half of the football game Anne received some distressing news that her mother over night had a brain stem stroke and she is having problems swallowing food. Anne's very upset right now and I feel bad for her. However, Anne made us a great prime rib dinner as we usually eat about 7:30pm on a Sunday night and I got to and found some great third wave Ska revival free Mp3's. I like the band Benuts. some great material so I installed that on my 512mb SD media card. I'm going to look for the CD and buy it if it's around town anywhere.

Other then the above I watched a bit of a movie on Showcase Action before I got back online last night after supper and checked on my regular sites etc.

My next story is called "All or nothing" and it's a slight departure from my SF genre.

But also before brunch yesterday, I began to look for some Blogger replacement options because I feel like I'm selling out the writing community due to this Google Print controversy, by using Blogger. I even went and checked on a few books as well but sure you get a sampling and you have to register but you get a search "more into the book" option and page links. You don't get the whole book but a good enough portion to know what's going on. But people need to know this is still in Beta test and like the Napster/peer-peer MP3 kazza wars this could go down the same way. The AAP is already looking into the legalities of this. My feelings are that people who want to read the whole book will want to buy the book and Google has options for that as well even though we can not overlook the add revenue they are getting from this venture. I think the add revenue or portions of it should go back into authors hands as another revenue stream. In other words, you want to click on my book link I should get that add revenue kind of like Google add sense.

Yet if Google can risk this kind of flirting why can't they do the same with MP3's? Because as far as I know, MP3's can not be (yet) broken up into snippets and reassembled. Or can they? With sampling and digital sound technology this should be easy enough to do. So you get six links to the song, copy all six links and splice them together. Or let the software splice them together at the source. Now I'm not totaly niave enough to assume this technology doesn't exist but like add sense artists should get their share. Hey Google, if your listening, remember I came up with the idea first :-)

Anyway, it's cold out there. -5c* but there is a wind chill and it should warm up though Thur and Friday to +7, if not more which is pretty good for Edmonton this time of year. Anyhow, I'm going to go on my usual internet site haunts as I have an hour left before lunch and work. Though one side note about Google print before I go, I'm not too worried about the big whoopla over this as the whole concept is still a work in progress and I'll continue to use Blogger as the best free blog service out there but we'll see how the AAP lawsuit (if any) comes about. More on this later.

e. Jim

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