Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I had a great day. I began working on AON. it was slow going in an unfamiliar genre: Adventure.
Work went well tonight on a tough "ghetto" type of campain but our "Magic and Miricles" side most of us did over $200. Cold calls. Also, I put my commitment forward to Rob, the Boss to work Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon but I won't do Saturday's anymore.

On Coast to Coast tonight the topoic is about "Mothman and Bigfoot." Boring. I'm enjoying George's open lines again. Good stuff.

Other then that, not much going on. I was planning on going to the Lodge Thur night but we need the cash and so I put my bid in to go in for Thur/Fri afternoon/evening. That will give me 24.5hrs. Not bad and more in line on what Rob is asking for.

e. Jim

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