Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Trying to install a drop down menu in my sidebar for my archives but nothings working.

I had a great night at work getting into the "$1005 club" and earning myself a $10 bonus. At the job I ended up doing some revising and cutting on CH and I hope to do some more in the wee hours after I get a few hours of sleep. It's almost there. I might just send it out as is tomorrow night after a quick once over and then work at it again and when the rejection slip comes back I can always send out a better prepared copy to somebody else.

One of the movies I'd like to see up and coming is Aeon Flux. From the movie trailers it looks pretty good. I think it's out next week and it might be something Anne and I could see on our anniversary as we are planning to go out for a dinner and a movie.

On Coast tonight will be on parapsychology and OBE experiences. Not my type of a show but on the first our there will be more on the story about the former Canadian defense minister regarding the disclosure project etc. and I think I might end up listening to that and do some more work on CH and go back into bed around 5amish. Also, I want to work at Lift off some more and work on the grammar for that. I'm not quite done with that yet but that's all for now.


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