Sunday, November 20, 2005

Today was just a relaxing day, mostly on the couch watching CFL football. Toronto hosting Montreal for the eastern Championship and Montreal won, which is what I wanted. Then at 4pm I watched the BC hosting Edmonton. Of course living here in Edmonton, I was pulling all the way for the Esks and it was a real nail biter to the very end. Esk's won 28-26 and in the dying seconds of the game BC had possession. It was wild that's for sure. Now the Esks go on to play in the Grey Cup next Sunday. That was 7hrs of football. I'm not ordinarily a football fan but lately I've been following it since the LaborDay classic. The Esks had to beat 2nd place Calgary at Calgary last Sunday to even get to the Championship in BC that ended a few minutes ago and they not only beat BC, but at BC Place. The Esks, were in third place. What a come from behind story.

Anyway, I'll be back to my writing later tonight as I still want to tighten up CH after supper.

e. Jim

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