Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Still working at

building my website. Putting it together kind of reminds me of a new video game. Your not sure of what's going on at first but gradually you pick up some pieces and the picture gets a little clearer.

This morning I worked more on AON and I'm not sure that will be the finale story title since so far the story has nothing to do with what that title evokes and some of the parts are a little longer then I want them to be but I'll carry on. The way I'm going I should have AON done by the end of the week. My next story is an adventure called "Whackey whaler Willy." I know "WWW" sounds silly as well. This weekend I'm going to read and do the first line editing on "CH" I'm going to have that up and ready to go before the end of the month like I origionaly planned and also print out a working copy of AON this weekend as well. I think I want to return to AON a bit more and work on that before I close this computer session off here and get ready to go and do the job thing.

That's all fo rnow.

e. Jim

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