Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sigh, it seems that CH won't be ready to go out this month. I began reading and editing the story some more and found some major plot elements missing but the holes that needed to be fixed came at me with unexpected surprises and I was able to fill those in. All that remains is the type -in's and I can do those hopefully today or tomorrow.

The other thing is, I was asked from our incoming PM to do some lines in the lodge but nobody emailed me anything yet and now I have nothing and lodge night is Thur. So this means I've got to get a-hold of somebody and bow out. I wasn't there at the last emergent meeting so there was no way for me to get anything. I don't like leaving anyone in a lurch like this. So, tonight I'll be calling people as soon as I head into the office.

Also, I've been meaning to call the printer ink refill place and see about getting some toner refill for my deskjet printer so I can get more rough draft hard copiesto use. Paying $80 bucks for a toner isn't an option either. I haven't done the math but each toner could get me 2000 pages. Still each story from say Staples would cost me $3 but it's not an option for me to go out of my way and to get a copy printed either. Sure it's much easier to just do this on screen and that's fine because the finished copy is going out on screen anyway but I like a hard copy to work on. Each story is about 30 pages so that means that out of a 2000 page duty cycle bin rate I could get about 67 stories. At $3 each, that'd be $201. Each new toner cartridge would cost me about $80 each. Or almost 3 Toners for the price of $200. One toner fit's the bill.

More later


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