Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Just working

on some pretty good stuff for CH. It took me awhile but I got a villain and most of the story fleshed out. If things work out ok I should be ready to write this story over the weekend and I might even finish FF as well and do some more world building on Star side. If Possible though CH and FF could both go out the door for November.

So far no word from Strange horizons other then their notification they have received my submission. I don't really expect to hear from them this month at all. If anything the earliest I could hear from them would probably be mid Dec.

Speaking about CH like I said yesterday it has the potential for a stand alone novel. I'm thinking maybe 100k. I'd like to do something with Ace Valorous, and Rouge behavior still. I'd like CH to be the first novel published, Ace Valorous a trilogy, and Rouge, the 2nd stand alone novel, and then 3 novels for Star side and Underworld before any more Star side and a couple of stand alone novels. In theory that is.

I miss working on a novel but I have some short stories to get out of my system and I want some publishing credits for now before I shop around for an agent.

Anyway, I'm probably repeating myself a lot lately here but I am providing updates on my story progress especially with CH, my recent project. That's all for now.


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