Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I've got about

4 pages of notes on CH and what I don't use for the story I'll be able to use on the Novel and I think I'll be starting the novel this month. but with the Novel I'm going to write 1000 words/day and still do one short story/month. That's the plan. I'll most likely do 2000 words on the weekends, so that would make it a total of 9000 words of fiction/week> to 10,000 words/week X 53 weeks is 53,000 words/year. But of course,l holidays and when I'm off for Lodge night twice/moth, that's 2000 words. When I join the other lodge, that will be one week, 10k So say, 40k per month. More if there are holidays. Multiply that by 12 = 504,000 words/year. If I can keep my health and still able to write up until I'm 80, that will be in 2031 or 26 years from now.Or 13, 104,000 words. Or 13.1 million. Or about 131 novels. If I can do 1 short story/month multiply that by 26, then that would be 312 short stories. not including the ones I have here that I haven't sent out yet.

That's all for today


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