Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm really having some fun with my stats counter and most of my visitors come from Calgary. Though the visits are short. This leads me to believe that people are trying to spam me or they are just skimming. Whatever at least I'm getting traffic. It seems the return visits are staying, but not long. For those of you actually reading this Blog, please leave a comment. I'll answer and I won't bite.

Anyway I added two modifications to the wip bars and I tried to add a 3rd but the wip bar timed out on me. Strange.

Anyway, the jfk show wasn't that great but it did help me fit the Payne/Oswald connection and I got something out of that and I learned I can listen to Coast on my PC/local radio station so that's okay. So I got something outof the show, but not much.


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