Saturday, November 19, 2005

I went through "Cross hairs" and gave it the once over read and made a brief revision and tightened things up a bit more. It's almost there but I need to tighten up characterization and and a few things. one of the guys at work read the first page of the rough draft of another story and pointed out a few grammatical errors. "Hey Darryl. You seem to be pretty good with grammar aren't you? If you can edit my story, I'll buy you a pack of smokes for the deal." He might go for that but I'll do the grammar myself when I have a larger novel in revision. He might go for it. CH has to go out this month and I'm going to get "LO" the grammar once over as well and re submit that. But LO went out already to Anti-muse. If CH needs to go out this month, I better get cracking and get this grammar thing under control. I'll think I'll fire this off to "Quantum Muse" next but there might not be enough time to grammar check this and have it out by next weekend. So, what I'll do instead is have LO and CH checked off. AON has been printed off but it won't be ready for market until December sometime.

e. Jim

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