Saturday, November 12, 2005

I was reading

in Holly Lisle's Blog earlier today, the internet writing journal's of of Best author Blogs and most of them were Romance writers and a lot of the Blogs had not been updated. There were some 35+ blogs and I went through them all and I thought they were nice looking Blogs but none of them I found compelling enough to read over except for just a brief look see. Out of all the Blogs I've been reading that are about writing and the mechanics of writing and an authors day-to-day goals and challenges and just in general are interesting to read, is Holly Lisle.

The thing is I wish there were more Blogs from the science fiction authors I like, but I have yet to find any of them yet. So, HL, you remain high on my list of Blogg's to read. I come into her "Pocket full of words" site every day. Sometimes 3-4 times just to see what's new.

Anyway, I fleshed out some more ideas for CH and AON earlier while I had this boost of creative energy this morning and since I got up at around 10am, I've had this mild headache. I'm still going to work on CH this afternoon as soon as I close out of here. That's all fo rnow.

e. Jim

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