Friday, November 18, 2005

I received my rejection letter from “Strange Horizons” last night. I don’t know now if I want to submit to ezines. More then likely I still will. I’m not sure which zine I’ll submit to next as I’m still weeding out the paying markets from the non paying markets.

I submitted “Lift-Off” to “Anti-muse.” They are a paying Market, even though they pay $5-25/per story. I like “Strange Horizons” because they have this submission story receipt confirmation service that says the story was received. I like that and I can’t say that yet about Anti-muse, or AM. I’ve got maybe 6 zines that accept email submissions and are paying markets. A lot of them accept story lengths of. AM also accepts simultaneous submissions.
But Lift-Off had been in SH possession for 23 days. Not to shabby. Very impressive turn around time. If they read it that is.

e. Jim

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