Friday, November 18, 2005

I had a pretty good night and we got out at 8pm, so I was happy with that. I think we had less then 20 people. I was on taps and I pulled in $455 in in 3hrs on two campagnes that were more or less done for.

I felt pretty good that I sent "Lift-Off" out again. At least it's not costing me anything to get this out like when I submitted to Print magazines. I'm still doing market research as these webzines are scattered all over the place. This weekend I'm going to work on CH some more and watch the Oiler hockey game.

We've been getting some really nice weather lately and tomorrow it shoud go up to +12 if not as high as +14. So the weather at least is good.

Also, I'm contributing again to the alt.assassination jfk newsgroup again under my real name. The thread this time around is "Oswald's jacket." The one found at the Texaco dealership.

This weekend, Coast has some pretty good shows.

Anyway, that's all for me today

e. Jim

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