Monday, November 21, 2005

I got up on the late side of this morning as Anne left to do a bottle run and she's off today but I've got to do the job thing so she better get home fast as she has he bus pass.

But tonight. I'll bring my radio to listen to the game and my work to work on some of the areas that need work on CH. Hopefully, I'll give it the once again over and get it out the "door" after the weekend but more then likely before the Grey Cup game. Also, I want to work on another adventure and I've got the story title but I need the plot to go along with it. I'll probably write the "www" story I posted earlier. The game plan is to still have one story go out/month. December, I'll be sending out AON.

Also, I plan on updating the wip bars latter after wrestling. It's easy enough to do but I would rather introduce some new wip bars as well.

So far the stat counter bar is working. I think I got one return visitor and 6 loads, so at least this is being read. I'm not here to use it to make money directly but when I get something published I'll post a link to the story. I might even post snippits in a special Blog for stories that are being sent out.

that's all for now


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