Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I got some good stuff

going with "Cross Hairs" or CH and it has the potential for a strong story.

I was thinking about my website and or my earlier struggles with images and the problem was that the images needed to be uploaded from the Template. The img code src thing, didn't go in the body of the html page but in the link area of Nuke in the Template. But I'm more or less happy with Drupal even though I haven't done anything with it yet. It's just a matter of content more then anything.

one of the things I'd like to do with my website is to once a story has been published in the ezine and rights revert back to me is to publish the story in my website, or excerpts to it. If they want to read more then they can go to the site that hosts the story and read the rest from there. Well, that's the initial idea of course. But that depends on how long the webzine keeps the stories there for and that's something else I can consider when a story has been published. I'd also like to get an icon of the webzine where my stories are available so they click on the story, read a large part of the story at my website but to get the conclusion they have to go to the other website.

But CH will be my next story to go out to an ezine. After that, "Freedom of movement." and then I want to complete "Face to face."

Anyway, that's all for me for today. Just a short entery in here anyway.


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