Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I added in my latest project "Whacky whaler Willy" I know the title looks a little silly but I can always change it latter on.

Still no response to my "Blogger add on" post under "buttons and things" as I try and dress up this blog. The stats counter is working okay but visitors aren't really staying long. Except the return ones. I think. Eventually I'd like to have a calendar and a real time clock up and running and a proper guest book. That's why like everything else, this blog is a work in progress.

Wonderful weather today. A high temperature of +16!!! And it's almost the end of the month. If I had a digiital camera I'd post some pics but the weather is changing into more seasonal norms by the weekend we should be at -2* again and even then that's not to bad.

I listened to that jfk special on Coast last night and it wasn't worth staying up late to listen. But I did. Some of my ramblings can be found at the alt.jfk assassination newsgroup.

Anyway it's off to do the job thing after having yesterday off.

The next thing sports wise I'm looking forward to will be the Grey Cup on Sunday. That should be pretty good.

So X-box released its X-box 360 Next Gen platform today to a lot of whoopla. I'm thinking about picking one up when We get the resource checks coming, in January next year. Seeing as how I'm only into playing the D&D style of games anyway I'd like to play that Elder Srolls Oblivion when it comes out. Most likely with the platform.

Pardon the spelling today, I'm running a bit rushed.

That's all for now

e. Jim

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