Friday, November 18, 2005


No title for this entry but I had a better night then last night at work and even got a $20 credit card. I had a nice train ride home and Oiler fans were just emptying out of Rexall place. lot's of Oiler jerseys on the train and I asked some stranger what the finale score of the game was. 8-4 Oilers over Detroit. Excellent. Oh and I got my check and my stat pay. Wonderful. Anne came in shortly afterwards and I gave her my check and she went to get us pizza while I was watching wrestling.

The last match was awesome with Triple H doing a tribute match for Eddie Gurrereo even though Benoit won both men embraced in tears and resprect for Eddie. A side of triple H we seldom see and on "Friday night Smackdown."

So, after Pizza and wrestling I checked my email and I received a rejection from Strange Horizons. So now I'm going to go over the story again and see if I can make it better and send it out to someone else. I was going to get it out to but see below.

e. Jim

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