Friday, November 03, 2006

The new
unemployment figures came out today and we’re sitting here at 4.1% here in Edmonton. That’s down from even last month. I keep saying this but I’m really going to make an effort to go in on Monday for the afternoon shift. If I get enough sleep overnight Sunday I’ll be asking my wife to make me a lunch so I can be out of here at 12:30 and on the lrt platform by 12:45pm and “out of the chute” by so I can be there for 1pm. That way I can secure my dialer and week the afternoon/evening shift for a total of 7 hours. I want to do that for next week and the week after. I really want an extra copy of MS Word and the only way to get that without spending a bundle on Office is in MS Works, or Student & Teacher edition. However the Price is a bit steep.

Anne stepped out again. Looks pretty chilly out there. –3 but there’s, a wind chill to make it a lot colder then that. I’m glad I don’t have to wait over there by Money Mart for sometimes 20 min out in the cold after coming up those steep steps on Saturday mornings. It’s a five-minute walk across the parking lot behind first Edmonton place and I’m there in the office. I want to go all next week Monday-Friday the full 7-hour days because I think we could be off Saturday for Remembrance Day.

I don’t know if I’ll get to lodge this month at all because of my eye appointment on the 20th. The emergent meeting is on the following Saturday after the Remembrance Day weekend and before my eye appointment. I can’t justify taking Saturday off and Monday off. One or the other and my vision is more important then the lodge.

Last night I ended up working some more on NW. I think I’ll most likely get Word 2003. When I get that I’ll move it onto the new computer and find out how to back up all my files. Since MS Word is a $199 program after tax Word will cost me $210. But MS Works suite has MS Word 2002. Now I can get a copy of Word from anywhere one of my working buddies and it’s “legal” until I upgrade from that source but I want to own the license. The other option is to buy Word Perfect and it’s Canadian own. Also Word Perfect is half the price of Word and I might go with Word Perfect yet. The whole Word Perfect Office suite is $110! Good deal. Anyway, got ot blog this and go. That's it for now.


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